Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Did you know that a build-up of soil and grit can dramatically reduce the life and aesthetics of your carpet and upholstery?

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Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Did you know that a build-up of soil and grit can dramatically reduce the life and aesthetics of your carpet and upholstery?

Just like your clothes, carpets and upholstery should be cleaned and maintained regularly to reduce the risks of destructive and health-harming mites and bacteria to build up over time.

MK Solutions prides itself on providing high-quality service and that is transparent from the outset providing you with a quotation that satisfies your unique requirements and expectations.

Our carpet and upholstery cleaning solutions that we use are child and pet friendly and biodegradable and the equipment we use is some of the most up to date available.

We can clean using a dry compound which has little to no dry time. A low moisture method which has a short dry time of around 2 hours and hot water extraction (steam clean) which takes slightly longer to dry but with the help of our dry pods and air movers this is greatly reduced.

We understand that you want your carpets and upholstery to look like new and as our customer our fully trained team we endeavour to deliver.

Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Our Cleaning Process

MK Solutions Team

1. Pre-Inspection Quote
Every carpet and upholstery cleaning experience starts with a pre-inspection. We will inspect your particular areas of concern as well as noting construction and soiling conditions and ascertain just how your expectations can be realised.  We will also advise you of any possible permanent staining. The fibre type is also determined with a quick test.

Commercial pre-vacuum

2. Commercial pre-vacuum
Your carpet and upholstery will be thoroughly vacuumed with a special turbine vacuum system to remove bonded dry soil. Removing dry soil is one of the most important steps in cleaning.

Furniture Moving (for carpets only)

3. Furniture Moving (for carpets only)
Sofas, chairs and tables will be carefully moved. Larger pieces, wardrobes, bookcases and dressers will be left in place under our regular pricing structure. Furniture will be protected with disposable blocks and tabs.

Pre-spray & Pre-spot

4. Pre-spray & Pre-spot
Traffic areas and spots are pre-treated for more effective soil and spot removal.


5. Agitation
Using our counter-rotating brushes or rotary system we agitate the pre-spray into the fibres to lift the pile, massage the pre-spray and loosen the dirt.

Rinse & Extract

6. Rinse & Extract
Once the soil has been loosened and suspended, our warm water extraction process will thoroughly flush the carpet pile or upholstery fabric. Pressure and heat are regulated so that the fibres are not over-wet. As we care about your carpets we ensure that wool carpets are rinsed with warm or hand-hot water. Every carpet that we clean is pH balanced so that there is no sticky residue left behind.

Post-spot Treatment

7. Post-spot Treatment
If any spots are not removed during the cleaning process, speciality-spotting techniques are employed. There may be a charge for this service if there are a number of specific stains, which require attention. Note: Permanent stains identified by our technician may not be removed.

Post Grooming

8. Post Grooming
The carpet pile is set in one direction for faster drying and visual appeal.

Post Inspection

9. Post Inspection
Please walk through your home or business to inspect our work and let us know if there is anything else we can do. We will advise of any stains that may not have responded to treatment or conditions of wear.

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